If RINOs have a press conference at the last minute during an election year and no one is around to report it or care about what they say, do they still make a sound?

A little late in the game, the House GOP has decided to roll out a “Commitment to America.” It’s not that it’s a bad idea or that the points aren’t solid but they lack credibility and it’s a little late to be doing this when we’re 40 days out from the election.

And were these Republicans being conservative and fighting in the trenches with Trump when he was president? Not very many of them. Are they constantly holding press conferences and pushing back against the current crop of leftists trying to destroy the country? Not very many of them.

So pardon me for not believing that these Republicans mean what they say or will do anything to put America First when they face the usual leftist opposition – even if they control the House and Senate after the November elections.

Marketing is not the strong suit of the GOP and they have proven that again with this commitment claptrap. They should have rolled out this plan out long ago and ran on it – with a catch phrase like Donald Trump did with “America First” or “Make America Great Again.” Not a zillion scattered talking points we have to read through on a website.

So to me, this whole thing appears to be DOA. No one is talking about. It’s not great “Contract With America.” It’s time wasted on graphics and a website. There isn’t even a social media presence for the group – everything gets linked back to Kevin McCarthy’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube accounts. That’s because the House GOP, lead by House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy is heading up this “Commitment to America.”

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The four talking points on their website outline: An economy that’s strong.
A nation that’s safe.
A future that’s built on freedom.

A Government that’s accountable.
It sounds good but it’s a lot of platitudes with not a whole lotta specifics…

It outlines bullet points including: fight inflation and lower the cost of living; curb wasteful government spending; increase take-home pay; make America energy independent; strengthen the supply chain; secure the border; reduce crime; crack down on prosecutors and district attorneys who refuse to prosecute crime; defend America’s national security; make sure students can succeed and give parents a voice; achieve healthier lives for Americans; confront big tech; preserve our constitutional freedoms; hold Washington accountable; restore the people’s voice, etc.

Basically, it’s a whole lotta stuff that we want to hear – but it’s from people who mostly haven’t been and probably don’t really plan on actually accomplishing what they’re telling us. There are, as always, a handful of patriots who are true to their word and pushback on the Democrats – but not very many of them.