A couple of friends pointed out a line I used at the end of a recent article. It was on the Biden “semi-fascist” speech in Philadelphia. I opined that the Marines Biden used as stage props just made him look small in comparison.

But, given further thought, it just wasn’t that night Joe Biden looked small. He has managed to diminish himself and the presidency from his first day in office.

Granted, in some ways Donald Trump didn’t do the office any favors either. His childish petulance and his mad rants reduced the dignity of the office. However, Trump at least got successful results for the nation and much of his out of hand weirdness transpired after he lost the 2020 election, not during the vast majority of his term in office.

And Trump, along with his bizarre behavior, is not a small man in any sense. He’s a swashbuckling billionaire with a supermodel wife and a serious swagger. Like him or not, the man can dominate a surrounding. He can control the scene he’s taking part in, as has been witnessed time and time again at his rallies. When his plane swoops in over the crowd as a teaser to his appearance, the credulous people below see him as a being descending from Olympus. Thus, delusional freebooter, yes. Puny gerbil of a president, like Biden, no.

Biden’s weak stature, his mental infirmities, his out of touch allowance of Marxists to permeate his administration, and his petty appeal to the worst in all of us combine to draw a picture of a cloistered man-elf, controlled and coddled by Nurse Jill, generally unaware of what goes on around him and in his name.

This was apparent in 2016, as he hid in a basement, using, as Fetterman does now, ancillary factors to avoid public and press scrutiny. This cowardice was somehow accepted as proof of sound leadership by just over half of American voters in a confirmation of the amazing inadequacy of the US public education system.

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Since he was elected president, save in his response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, he has gone out of his way to diminish the office and the country. His rhetoric is the bellowing of a tired, sad, and insignificant hack who says whatever he is told to, no matter how irrational. He is the Ron Burgundy of presidential orators.

His weaponization of federal law enforcement shows this Lilliputian politician still refuses to enter the ring and fight like a man, preferring FBI bully boys to harass his opposition and do the dirty work for him as he hides behind the hideous frocks of Nurse Jill. Joe Biden is a small man who gets smaller every day. Unfortunately, he’s dragging the presidency down with him.