In another episode of “WTF is going on in this country,” the teenage victim of sex trafficking has to pay her rapists’ family $150K in restitution.

Yes, this happened in America. But not any America that I am comfortable living in anymore. This is now Biden’s America and an America being ran by Democrats. An America that’s almost unrecognizable to most sane, law-abiding people.

According to the Associated Press, Pieper Lewis, age 17 and a person of color, was sentenced on Tuesday for murdering her rapist after stabbing him multiple times.

She received five years of closely supervised probation and was ordered to pay the money to the family of the man who raped her multiple times. Originally charged with first-degree murder, she had pleaded down to manslaughter. She also has do 200 hours of community service each year for the next three years and live in a women’s center in De Moines, Iowa where they will track her with GPS.

Talk about being stuck with a horrible attorney.
And what are they worried about? That she’ll attack another rapist?

The teenager had been a runaway, having escaped her abusive adopted mother. She ended up sleeping in an apartment hallway and was forcibly sex-trafficked to men.

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The prosecutors and police didn’t dispute that the teenager was sexually assaulted and trafficked. But you see, the poor rapist was asleep and not an immediate threat to her. So the poor guy never should have been attacked.

The judge also disgustingly participated in some victim shaming during the trial, repeatedly asking her what poor choices led up to the stabbing and admonished her for not following rules in juvenile lockup.

At least the rapist piece of crap is no longer an immediate threat to ANYONE anymore thanks to Lewis.