The Justice Department under Merrick Garland is operating just like the J6 Committee with only the Democrat side being heard. There is no due process and no actual defense allowed which would allow Donald Trump to have discovery, question witnesses under oath, investigate corruption and fraud, and show that the Biden-Harris administration and their Democrat friends are political hacks.

Regardless of what the DOJ and FBI come up with that supposedly came out of the boxes at Mar-a-Lago, there is nothing stopping them from planting evidence – from putting any file they want in to those boxes. There is no believable chain of custody or full accounting of every scrap of paper in the boxes.

We already know they took his passports and files that fell under attorney-client privilege. And we already know they are liars who will do anything they have to do in able to keep their power and keep Donald Trump out of the White House. Lying to the FISA court to get warrants to spy on Trump is just one example of this.

The Biden-Harris administration is putting Donald Trump on trial in the media instead of the courtroom (for now) – by not only leaking things to their leftist media friends but also officially releasing whatever they want to release at any given moment.

The Democrats in the federal government are people who don’t actually believe in anything that’s written in the Constitution and could care less about the part where it says, “The Trial of all Crimes, except in Cases of Impeachment; shall be by Jury.”

By jury. Not in the media.

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The Constitution also says a person cannot be deprived of “life, liberty or property, without due process of law…”

There’s also the part of having a “speedy and public trial” and be “confronted with the witnesses against him.”

But that’s not happening here. No speedy trial. No jury. No due process. Nothing.

The Democrats want a public media trial because that way, they get to release the evidence they want (whether it’s true or not) and have the media operate as their marketing arm so that the information gets disseminated quickly and in the manner that they need in order to rig another election.

And that is the only thing that both of these public trials of Donald Trump are about. The 2024 election.