Remember the COVID-19 lockdowns? Well, that’s going to be your permanent life pretty soon. The democrats are working to make sure you are stuck in your homes, dependent on a government check and voting for them into infinity to keep your life going.

They’re making it so that you can’t afford to buy or do anything and they’re making sure you don’t have a car to go anywhere. They’re not only trying to ban you from buying a gas-guzzling vehicle and forcing you to buy an electric vehicle (EV), once you actually get one, they’re telling you not to plug it in because the electric grids can’t support it.

So where does that leave you? Sitting on your couch, that’s where.

Freedom? That’s a thing of the past with democrats in charge.

And now California has a new angle to keep you at home and keep you on the government dole.

The leftists in the California legislature have actually voted to pay people to get rid of their gas- powered cars.

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Yes, the radical democrats want to make sure that you stay at home so they came up with Senate Bill 547 which actually passed the state Legislature and would offer a $1000 tax credit per household starting January of 2023 that would go to low-income taxpayers who don’t own a vehicle.

Spouses jointly filing who are making $60K or less and individuals making $40K or less would qualify.

Just think about all the things that $1000 a year could buy you in order for you to be able to get to your doctor appointments, get groceries, pick up your prescriptions, go to your bank and visit your elderly mother.

You could buy a bunch of skateboards, some jogging shoes and shorts, roller skates, a parasail, a bicycle, or the best idea of all – your very own horse.

I guess the Democrats in California don’t think that 2035 is going to be here soon enough (when they’re phasing out the sale of gas-powdered) cars and they have decided that they need to bribe Californians with a measly amount of cash in exchange for votes so that the democrats can take care of them while they sit in their homes not going anywhere.

The author of the bill, Senator Anthony Portantino, said about the bill, “As the impacts of climate change are felt across the state, it’s time we more aggressively commit to implementing modes of sustainable transportation. We can invest in the future by providing financial incentives for Californians to transition from vehicles to more sustainable options.”

Originally, Portantino and his leftist friends wanted to hand out $2500 per family member who is 16- years-old and older to incentivize people to live a car-free life.

Governor Gavin Newsom has until September 30th to sign the bill or veto it.