Tasted the latest vintage from Martha’s Vineyard yet? It’s a Chablis. A very white wine. A wine so white it’s unoaked flavor makes this kind of Chardonnay quite tasty to certain liberals who talk a big game on an open border, but prefer the soft flavor profile of an effete existence far away from those whom they would foist on Texas. Enter Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

What he and Texas Governor Greg Abbott are doing is the best conservative fightback for quite some time. They are taking the battle to the left, not just reacting to leftist actions as so many conservatives have a tendency to do.

By shipping illegal aliens off to the natural habitats of liberal poodles, and the subsequent fierce yelping of said poodles, they bring up an obvious question: Martha’s Vineyard gets a border but Texas doesn’t?

So they expose the liberal stand on this not just as rank hypocrisy, but as a crumbling house of lies that hit home the second the first plane landed, as the first Vineyard resident shuddered with fear and disgust.

I’ve actually spoken to a couple of libs on this subject, if one can define as speaking the super peeved grunting and stammering that the subject brought forth from them. Their protest is that Abbott and DeSantis are using innocent immigrants as political pawns. You mean like Joe Biden has been doing since the first day of his presidency without a squawk from any Democrat?

Or they opine that a wealthy community like Martha’s Vineyard doesn’t have the resources to handle the small number of illegals sent there. Really? I’ve run homeless shelters in pretty average communities in Maryland and Pennsylvania, in places like Salisbury, Maryland on the Eastern Shore. It’s a nice town but not anywhere as affluent as Martha’s Vineyard. But it found the resources to house many more homeless people every year than the number flown in by DeSantis. The Vineyard could handle this housing challenge easily. Then why are they so miffed? Because their Chablis is of a particularly bitter vintage.

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It springs from a poodle person racism that deals just fine with minorities as concepts and talking points, but trembles over the possibility of having to deal with them one on one in their own backyard.

It stems from a condescension towards anybody who doesn’t meet their purely material standards of success. And most of all, it comes from their elevated sense of entitlement, as they wonder how Abbott or DeSantis even dare sending illegals to a limousine leftist enclave like the Vineyard.

This vignette will play out in the expected form. Residents will get publicly smart and start to sound warm and fuzzy towards their new neighbors, while at the same time ponying up the resources to quietly ship them elsewhere. So goes the Vin de Hypocrite Chablis out of Martha’s Vineyard this year. Just as tastelessly white as in years past and quite determined to keep it that way.