In November of 2021, New York started requiring that you be 21 or older to purchase canisters of whipped cream. Legislation was passed to require this because the canisters can be used to get high. This new trend is called “whippets” or “whip-its.”

No one was paying attention to the law – or enforcing it – until a sign from a place called Stewarts Convenience Store in Albany county went viral on the internet. It said, “Effective 8/12/22, we will be Id-ing for whipped cream! Must be 21 years old!”

When this whipped cream bill was passed, New York State Senator Joseph Addabbo from Queens said, “This new law is an important step in combatting a significant problem for many neighborhoods throughout my district. The need to limit the access and sale of whippits first became apparent after receiving constituent complaints about empty canisters on neighborhood streets. Used whippits piling up in our communities are not only an eye sore, but also indicative of a significant nitrous oxide abuse problem.”

There is a $250 fine for the first offense of selling these canisters to someone under 21- years-old and up to $500 for ensuing violations.

Meanwhile, if you show up to vote in New York, don’t bother worrying about taking your ID to prove who you are or how old you are. As long as you are voting for someone who is registered to vote (yourself or anyone else), you are good to go.