It couldn’t happen to more deserving people. The leftist green energy people are having their chickens come home to roost.

They are being forced into deprivation because they chose to be. It’s just too bad their idiotic climate change ideas and policies are only forced upon them and not the rest of us.

Leftists don’t believe in science or common sense so they are reaping what they sow and getting exactly what they wanted – what they support – what they voted for.

Their top priority is to force everyone to get rid of their gas-guzzling cars and buy unaffordable electric cars (EVs) that America’s electric grid can not support.

So what happens? Over the weekend, California was telling the EV owners NOT to plug in their cars because it was…what? Hot.

Yes, it was HOT in California.

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So the earth-loving folks with electric cars were told to stay home and to keep their cars in their garage so they wouldn’t overwhelm the energy grid. Don’t worry though. I’m sure that California won’t have a heat wave again.

Don’t worry that you need to go to the doctor or get groceries or take your dog to the vet. You can do it another day. Hopefully you had already stocked up on brats and burgers and your beer and cigarettes because Democratic California Governor Gavin Newsom frowns upon you heading out to your local 7-11 during their “emergency” of California being hot.

But things aren’t bad for the leftists just in California.

Coloradans don’t want you overloading their electric grid either. 22,000 people in Colorado were locked out of their own thermostats recently when Xcel Energy took over their smart thermostats.

But this move really shouldn’t have been unexpected because those 22,000 people had had voluntarily opted into the “Community Energy Savings Program” where they got paid for letting their energy service literally have power over them. They got $100 to sign up for the program and they get another $25 per year. During the sign-up period, those customers must have thought it was a good deal to get a few dollars to give up control over their lives.

Not for me. I am one of the few who pay more every month through my electric utility for the privilege of NOT letting them put an electric meter in my house. Yes, they charge me a “manual” reading charge. It’s a small price to pay for freedom. No one’s controlling the temperature in my house but me (and on the rare occasion, my husband).

The Xcel folks have reminded everyone in a recent statement that they didn’t do it without permission. “It’s a voluntary program,” VP of Customer Solutions and Innovation at Xcel said. “Let’s remember that this is something that customers choose to be a part of based on the incentives.”

Yes, the greenies CHOSE it. They always chose their own demise because they want to live in a utopia that doesn’t exist and is unable to exist on their terms.

Their free range grain-free sustainable chickens have come home to roost.