The Bureau of Labor Statistics just came out with data that shows that in 2021, Americans spent more, on average, on taxes than they did on food, clothing and health care combined.

Is anyone surprised by this? No.

The government, especially when Democrats are running it, is one gigantic mob organization – existing only for corrupt politicians to game the system to enrich themselves and amass power.

Under the Biden-Harris administration, the tax money collected for both the federal and state governments (and probably your local government) is hitting record highs. A report from the Congressional Budget Office estimates that in 2022, income tax receipts will reach $2.6 trillion – the highest ever.

Not surprising. Not at all.

So when the Democrats tell you that the MAGA Republicans or the wealthy people are responsible for all of your problems, WRONG.

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The corrupt government thieves are taking all of your money to do as they please. And they still want more. They don’t care if they take half of your income either.

I realized that I was getting screwed about ten years ago when I took a few hours out of my day to add up all the taxes that I spent in the previous year – property taxes, federal taxes, social security taxes, state taxes, sales taxes, utility taxes, etc. It wasn’t pretty. It wasn’t 50% but it was pretty darn close.

And if you live in NYC, and you are “ultra-rich” you pay about 52% in total taxes. That should be illegal.

The CNS News report about the taxes collected says that “American consumer units” spend about $15.4K on food, clothing and health care combined every year – but pay about $16.7K in total taxes to federal, state and local governments.

We are the victims of a government shakedown.