WTF? According to an article on the Michigan News Report website and talked about on the Steve Gruber Show, Governor Whitmer and her entourage decided to pay a bunch of money for an after-action report regarding her administration’s COVID-19 response.

Steve Gruber called it a “million dollar love letter” on his morning radio show.

The state spent what Gruber heard is around a million dollars for a third-party out-of- state company to compile a report that our Michigan government should have done.

And what did we get in return for our tax dollars? A report that was based on Whitmer’s own people doing interviews and taking 15-minutes surveys about how good a job they did and what they thought about the pandemic response of the Whitmer administration.

And even thought the survey was anonymous, hardly any state workers participated. Excuse me, but why wasn’t this survey MANDATORY for every state worker in EVERY department?? This was a one in a lifetime pandemic, right? According to the report, “The United States has not experienced a public heath crisis equivalent to the scale of the COVID-19 pandemic since the 1918 influenza pandemic.”

So keeping that in mind, how seriously didi Whitmer’s people take this report? Not very. A survey was sent out and only 137 responses came back out of 47,000 state employees. And only 15 of the 26 state agencies responded. Interviews were also done but only 108 people did them.

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So this report is based on the opinions of 245 people about how good a job they did???! That’s just lovely.

And come to find out, the people who are supposed to be in charge of the response aren’t in charge of the response at all. The State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) was supposed to be at the top of the food chain but no one was following the chain of command, including Gov. Whitmer and her tyrannical executive staff. But then, how can you write more than 200 Executive Orders if you constantly have to discuss it with the folks who are supposed to be in charge of the response?


If you go to the SEOC website, you will see that the Lansing facility is “where state, local and federal agencies coordinate the response to a disaster, emergency or terrorist event. The governor, state director of emergency management and homeland security and other agencies direct all state resources at this center when responding to and recovering from an event.”

It is not very reassuring to know that Whitmer and her inept departmental heads are not allowing the SEOC to actually “run the show” when something big happens.

Oh, but don’t worry. In the midst of inefficiency, chaos, death and destruction, the report said that Whitmer did a great job. They said “overall, the event was well coordinated across the State of Michigan.”

How would they know? They made this assessment based on personal opinions of a handful of state workers and an operations center that wasn’t in charge of the operation.

And as the article pointed out, there was no accountability for any of the results of the Whitmer pandemic response. Because results are really the only thing that matter during something like this.

Not good intentions or the number of hours worked or how many tasks were done. RESULTS. Did the Whitmer administration achieve success under OUR metrics, not theirs?

The report doesn’t get into that at all.

There are no reports on the schools shutting down or the mandates or the suicides or the destroyed businesses or the deaths in the nursing homes or anything that we actually care about.

But, hey, it’s a nice election story for Big Gretch. She can spin the report so that everyone thinks that she did an awesome job.

Well done.