Although it’s true that former President Trump is 76-years-old, he appears to be a “younger” older person than most of the political elites who have been running our country into the ground for years. He’s got energy and is open to new ideas that don’t include rotary phones, turntables and jigsaw puzzles.

Gerontocracy, a form of social organization in which a group of old men or a council of elders dominates or exercises control, leads to a power lust and corruption in our government. It leads to schemes and fraud and pay-to-play operations. It leads to our elected politicians being total grifters and making decisions about our country based on how much money they can amass and not’s what best for the American population.

That doesn’t mean that younger folk like AOC, Michigan Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer and former President Barrack Obama can’t totally screw up the country as well but I don’t think many would argue that we have a problem with all of the old people that we have running the country.

According to The Daily Mail, more than 73% of 2K adults surveyed by YouGov want age limits. They want politicians out of office when they get old – at least by age 70.

Although the Constitution sets minimum ages for office, it unfortunately does not have age limits. Nor does it require mental and health tests. Age limits and competency tests would be lovely because that would rid us of most of the corrupt and anti-American politicians that we have to put up with…

President Biden: 79
Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi: 82
Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer: 71
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell: 80
Loser and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: 74 Senator Patrick Leahy: 82
Senator Bernie Sanders: 81
Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow: 72

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The average age of senators at the start of Congress in 2021 was 64.3. Do these folks know about to post on TikTok? Do they have any mental capability to know how digital currency operates? Do they know how to use Google Meet? No, they hire 20 year-old staff members and interns to do their work while they sit back and reap the rewards.