The federal government continues to spend money – both Democrats and Republicans. God forbid the government gets “shutdown” because the Republicans actually take a stand on anything.

No, no, no…

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has to make sure everything gets funded so that the Democrats don’t give the Republicans bad press and say they’re trying to kill everyone by not giving them Social Security checks on time.

So the spending goes on and on…$12 billion for Ukraine, $3 billion for Afghan resettlement…and so on and so on… it’s a money spigot that never ends. A spending hurricane.

And the Republicans allow it.

The Senate is moving ahead with debate on their temporary funding bill which will keep the government “open” through December 16th.

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And still the Democrats bitch because there’s no coronavirus funding.

Meanwhile, in the real world, because of the Democrat’s complete FUBAR in running the country, the rest of us out here can’t get anything fixed on time (cars, lawn mowers, etc.) because we can’t get parts – and service is backed up for weeks because no one wants to work. The same is true if you want to get flooring installed or your plumbing fixed or a furnace check. You’ll be waiting weeks for anything to get done – if you’re lucky.

Meanwhile, in the real world… you’re lucky to get seen by an ER doctor after you wait in line for 10 hours because of short staffing… and then you have to worry about the quality of care you’ll be receiving.

Meanwhile, in the real world, you are paying an arm and leg for everything you buy and you are planning for your energy bills to skyrocket this winter.

I could go on and on but YOU are living it. You are completely immersed in what is going on in the “real” world and it’s not pretty.

You’re just trying to survive. Trying to get through. Trying not to cry when you read your retirement statements. You are longing for the days when we had freedom and prosperity under Donald Trump. How quickly THAT came to an end with Biden & company running the show. And it hasn’t just been incompetence. It’s been the purposeful destruction of our American way of life. Economics, freedom, security and safety… everything we depend on is being destroyed by the left.

But don’t worry because the politicians all have enough money and are getting their needs met. And so sorry they have to ding you and raise interest rates because of an economic mess that they caused.

The politicians cause all the problems and America pays. We pay. That’s how things always go with Democrats in charge and weak RINOS in the background doing nothing. We’ll see in November how stupid America really is and if they’re willing to be the cause of their own demise for another four years.