Remember back during the presidential campaign when Biden had campaign events with about a dozen people sitting in Covid circles to make sure everyone was socially distanced? The pandemic was always the reason why Biden had small crowds.

So what is the excuse now?

Biden showed up in Pennsylvania for a union worker Labor Day speech and got a very very small crowd who showed up.

Could be because he only has a 39% job approval. Could be because he lies all the time (and that’s when you can understand what he says). Could be because he’s the cause of a country in decline. Could be because no one (not even democrats) care about what he has to say.

The Daily Mail called his crowd “pitifully small” with “dozens” gathered to listen to the president speak at the United Steelworkers event with about 100 attendees who had to take COVID-19 tests prior to the event.

As expected, Biden was mocked on social media. Ted Buchanan tweeted, “There are more people that come to my PTA meetings when I (the President) speak!”

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Mari Solwhite tweeted, “I’ve seen bigger crowds at a state fair!”

The best comment came from RhonnMarney who tweeted, “Looks to be slightly smaller than the line at the restroom for Trump’s recent event.”