Always in political mode, the Democrats jumped on Hurricane Ian immediately to promote their climate change agenda just like they jump on school shootings immediately to their promote gun control agenda.

And they’re only too happy to focus on climate change and the hurricane instead of crime, inflation or the open border with the upcoming elections only about five-and-a-half weeks away.

Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn) was on Morning Joe on Tuesday suggesting that voting Democrat could save you from future hurricanes – because, you know, we’ve never had hurricanes ever ever before – and only the Democrats have the power to save us from them.

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Klobuchar suggested that we must vote for Democrats to save ourselves. She said, “We just did something about climate change for the first time in decades, that’s why we got to win this as that hurricane bears down on Florida. We got to win in the midterms.”

Then we have CNN’s Don Lemon who, instead of focusing on actual facts, reporting what’s going on with the storm and giving evacuation information, he argues with the acting director of the National Hurricane Center about climate change. The guest said, “I don’t think you can link climate change to any one event” but Lemon kept arguing with him about storms intensifying and that “something” is causing it.

Then we have the never-disappointing idiot, The View host Joy Behar saying, “According to NPR, Florida’s climate challenges are among the biggest in the country. Hurricanes intensified by climate change, rising sea level, extreme heat and drought, and this one is the worst one, health threats from mosquito-born diseases.”

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She continues, “This is the quote from Governor DeSantis about climate change, quote, ‘I am not in the pews of the church of the global warming leftists.’ This is what he thinks about climate change and now his state is getting hit with one of the worst hurricanes they will ever see.”

MSNBC’s Joy Reid said “While DeSantis is fighting with Mickey Mouse and scoring hits on FOX News, Florida teachers are fleeing his state, climate change is ravaging the coast and the state’s home insurance market it literally collapsing, leaving thousands of Floridians in danger of having no coverage for their homes when natural disasters like Hurricane Ian strike.”

Apparently Joy hasn’t been watching Ron’s press conferences at all to see what he’s been up to. Nope, she’s too busy being a race-baiter and a Democrat operative to take the time to talk about what’s actually going on.

And just like they always do, the leftists have all gotten on the same page to promote the same narrative about climate change being responsible for hurricanes, including Hurricane Ian. If Rush Limbaugh was still alive, he’d have these people as a montage on his show all spouting the same B.S. climate change alarmism about the current storm.

Huffington Post:

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The United Nations:

Climate Change: Hurricanes and Cyclones Bring Misery to Millions, as Ian Makes Landfall in the U.S.

And, of course, you have the ever-political leftist Weather Channel who is totally on board with the Democrat mantra:
Hurricane Ian Rapidly Intensifies – How Climate Change Plays a Role

It’s really sad – and dangerous – to have The Weather Channel on board as Democrat operatives – but it’s not surprising. The left has totally corrupted organizations that were once respected bastions of truth and facts including the CDC, the Armed Forces, the IRS and more.