It’s happening all over the country. Either the Democrats won’t debate Republicans or they will do it as late as possible, after mail-in ballots have been out for a while.

In Michigan, incumbent Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer agreed to one debate – on October 13th, 26 days before the November election and two weeks after mail-in ballots will have gone out. In 2020, Michigan turned in more than 2.9 million mail-in ballots. Whitmer is relying on cajoling ignorant voters into helping her win before they actually learn more (or are reminded) about her as the election gets closer.

Whitmer appears to want to limit the number of any debates and when they are going to happen because she doesn’t want to have to answer for her draconian lockdown rules that led to permanently closing businesses and killing people when she sent COVID-19 positive patients into nursing homes. She also doesn’t want to answer to her support of pro-CRT teaching and pro-transgender policies – or defend the rising crime in her state.

In Arizona, Katie Hobbs gave a flat out no to debating popular Republican candidate Kari Lake in the Governor’s race. Why?

Because Lake, after winning the governorship, will, among other things, be declaring an invasion in Arizona and will stop the illegal aliens from flooding into her state. She also wants to eliminate the state’s income tax. She not only has good ideas, she wants to talk about them.

Hobbs, on the other hand, doesn’t want to talk about anything in a face-to-face debate.

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Lake discussed Hobbs’ not wanting to debate by saying, “The world is not an easy place. And if she can’t stand up and debate me, then she can’t stand up against the cartels, she can’t stand up against the forces that are working against the people of Arizona. She needs to show that she has the courage and get on that stage.”

In the Pennsylvania Senate race where Republican Mehmet Oz is running against Democrat John Fetterman, the Fetterman campaign FINALLY agreed to a late October 25th debate. Fetterman had been resisting a one-on-one debate for a while but Oz has been on a media blitz challenging him to show up for a debate to defend his ideas and competency after suffering a stroke.

In Georgia, there will only be one debate between Georgia Senate candidates Republican Herschel Walker and Democrat Raphael Warnock on October 14th.

There is a reason why the Democrats seem to be avoiding debates. It’s because there is no defense for most of their ideas and policies. They are completely out of touch with a lot of regular Americans.

It looks like there won’t be any debates for Ohio governor or senate either but this is for different reasons. In the case of Ohio senate opponents, JD Vance and Tim Ryan, it is because Vance doesn’t want to debate in pro-Democrat environments. JD Vance said about refusing any debates hosted by the Ohio Debate Commission, “It would be absurd to participate in a debate overseen by a literal Tim

Ryan donor who has repeatedly and publicly smeared Republicans. Ohio deserves fair, impartial debates.” Vance has accepted two nonpartisan debates but none have been scheduled.

According to the AP, there has been a lot of debate avoidance this election year. Republicans have been avoiding mainstream debates they view as “biased” and Dems want to avoid “raucous” debates with election deniers and MAGA Republicans.