In our continuing justified bashing of the current occupant of the Oval Office and his recent rhetorical fascism, we now look at his use of USMC personnel as political props a week ago Thursday in his now infamous howling diatribe in Philadelphia.

Like so many lame wannabe caudillos before him, he thinks that a martial presence will accrue to him martial attributes. Nahhhhh. It just reminds us he was too big of a wuss to serve his nation in uniform.

The best people to further comment on the matter? People who have actually worn the uniform, some of whom I served with. For professional reasons, they have requested anonymity. I have granted it.

One veteran of the First Infantry Division said this, “I think it was disgusting, disturbing, and disrespectful to have honorable members of the military behind him, in a demonic looking background, as he delivered a message of hate that was aimed directly at conservative people of this country.”

Another said this, “The military is not supposed to be a prop for political speeches. His PAC should be paying for the event as a fundraiser/party activity. I’m sure the Marines felt used.”

A former Marine officer opined, “Biden should have used another Philadelphia landmark, the Rodin Museum, as the setting for his speech. He could have stood in front of the Gates of Hell. Then perhaps using Devildogs as props would have been more appropriate. In short, Biden used the Marine Band in Scranton and individual Marines as props to lend the imprimatur of government to his attacks on political opponents. This is not only illegal, but also tasteless.”

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A former senior US Army NCO and Iraq vet, “There’s pretty much nothing to which Biden would refuse to stoop for political gain. He didn’t serve himself, but even his other son refused to step down from his elected position to be deployed. He ran the AG office of Delaware from his deployment in Iraq. I wonder what would have happened had I tried that stunt (with my DA job). But Bidens have different standards applied. Honestly, of the whole family I may prefer the rapscallion of the group, Hunter. Jill is worse, dumber, too. But Joe, just looks at Marines like any other prop. When even CNN gets offended that’s saying something. Along with the withdrawal from Afghanistan he evinces a disregard for military personnel that is palpable. How much of this is the fast fading Biden and how much is due to the woke crowd around him is anybody’s guess. It was the context which rankles. Had it been for Memorial Day or Veterans Day, it would likely pass unnoticed. As it was he made a viciously partisan speech using the uniformed military personnel as props. A new low, but don’t touch that dial. We’ll plumb new depths quite soon as the Dems grow more and more desperate.”

And the Navy chimes in, “The whole thing looked like Leni Reifenstahl redivivus.” Bingo. The Marines were meant to overawe. They didn’t. They just reminded us what a truly small man Joe Biden is in comparison to them.