To go along with Joe Biden’s recent Hitlerian speech, where he ironically called Republicans fascists, his minions have decided that we are in a state of civil war. Or so they said last week.

“To me it was an urgent wartime address,” intoned MSNBC Reich propagandist Eugene Robinson.

MSNBC ubergrupenhost Tiffany Cross claimed, “People keep saying a civil war is coming, I would say a civil war is here.”

“This is like 1860…You have to talk about the large issue in the room, and just as Lincoln gave the House Divided speech,” said left wing historian and academic gauleiter Michael Beschloss.

Well, what if we take them up on their claim? On a semi-serious personal note, I can think of few things more fun than borrowing some Abrams tanks from the Maryland National Guard and cruising around DC taking shots at various Dem HQs. Sure, I’d do the decent thing first and give them an evacuation order. But then my troop and I, clad in debonair WWII British battle dress, would have our fun and end up at the Irish Times to slake our thirsts and tell one-sided war stories.

Okay, perhaps I’ve taken that particular scenario a bit too far. Pity. However, what if we do accept the left’s premise and act accordingly?

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I’m guessing the MSNBC devotees think it’s them versus only the Trump types. They’d be wrong. Because, if push comes to shove, not only Trumpists greatly resent the political class and their media lapdogs. If we’re taking sides, whole swaths of America would be arrayed against the NY/DC/LA regime.

New York and north of it, an ineffectual DC, and the West Coast would be standing against the rest of the nation, likely led by Texas. DC would lead the current regime and fight for their assumed privileges. Texas would fight for the restoration of the traditional constitutional republic. It’s the Rainbow flag vs the Betsy Ross flag.

And who are in the contending forces? DC leads entertainment industry workers, academics, and media flunkies countered by military veterans, blue collar workers, and law enforcement officers. Yes, there would be behind the lines action, as leftist urban denizens snipe at mopping up operations in several big cities and traditional American forces trapped behind statist regime lines make a hell of a mess of DC-led rear areas.

And the military? Warlord scenarios, with division commanders taking most of their troops to one side or another. Advantage goes to the insurgents, as the armed forces are basically conservative by nature.

The result? A general walkover, as the make-up artists and associate professors are relatively quickly and soundly trounced by Texas. Does any sane person want this to come to pass? Of course not. Thus the quotes above by the left prove something we already know: The left is not sane.