Yes, another murderer is looking at the possibly of getting out of prison. Under our injustice system, taking a life can often have no consequences and even when it does, those in charge of “justice” still often allow the criminals a chance to go free and live a normal life.

The most heinous criminals are let free to offend over and over again. Every time we learn of another violent crime, we hear that the person has a rap sheet a mile long. It’s not rocket science to figure out who is committing the crimes. And it’s not rocket science to figure out how to stop them. You lock them up. Indefinitely. Or at least for a very very long time.

But the woke leftists want no part of that.

And this injustice against the victims and law-abiding citizens has been going on for a long time really – with the plea deals and the ridiculous sentences that criminals get.

The Daily Mail reports that 39-year-old Michael Carneal, who gunned down three teenagers at Heath High School in Kentucky in December of 1997 will be having a parole hearing today.

The students killed had been at a before-school prayer meeting when they were murdered. Carneal, who was 14-years-old at the time of the murder, got life with parole.

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Seroiusly?! Parole? For a murderer? Sorry, but that is ridiculous.

Hopefully, the folks on the parole board aren’t as idiotic as the the jury members who gave the murderer a chance to get out of prison someday. Hopefully they will listen to the testimony from the people who were injured in the shooting and the relatives of those who were murdered.

But even if the murderer is kept in jail for another year or two or ten… he will still keep getting a chance to get out.

And live his life.
But those who were murdered won’t.