It’s really amazing to me that there are one issue voters who will be voting in November based on nothing but making sure that their states and politicians allow abortion.

Do these voters really care more about abortion (something that will probably never affect them personally) than they care about things are ARE affecting them right now and have over the last few years???

And how many of these voters truly exist? Democrats will vote for Democrats and Republicans will vote for Republicans. So what we’re talking about is independent voters.

Do these voters REALLY care more about the abortion rights of strangers than what’s happening in their own lives?

More than the crime in their cities?

More than the Democrats trying to take away their constitutional rights and ignoring due process and justice?

Do you support individual military members being able to opt out of getting the COVID vaccine?

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More than the vaccine mandates the democrats put in place which have made people lose their jobs and businesses?

More than the lockdowns that stopped them from getting married, seeing their dying elderly relatives and stopping them from having surgeries?

More than the invasion of illegal aliens at our southern border?

More than the price increases on everything they buy from gas and electric to groceries and school supplies?

More than the critical race theory and transgender classes that are being taught in their local schools and the mask rules and virtual learning imposed on their children?

More than waiting in long lines because there aren’t enough ER doctors, grocery clerks, pilots or anything else?

Are these things really less important than supporting a woman who doesn’t want to use contraceptives because they use abortion as birth control? The National Federation of Abortion reports that a whopping 48% of women who have had abortions have had more than one. Look up the numbers in your own state to see what’s really going on.

These are the women that the “abortion voters” are fighting for – while they lose their homes, can’t afford their medicines and lose their lives because the democrats won’t allow them to have cancer surgery during a pandemic. Brilliant move.