Ever wonder if the Trump haters in government and the media have mirrors in their homes or if they’ve taken them down because they don’t want to look at themselves?

Sure, their ends justify their means and they will do anything they need to in order to “get” Trump but in going down their rabbit holes for “the cause” you have to wonder if some of them actually understand what they are doing. Or care.

Do any of them have a conscience or allegiance to the country at all? Or do they only have an allegiance to their party, their power and keeping up their well-funded lifestyle?

The Democrats will throw law and order out the window and chuck the Constitution in the trash. They will lie and defame. They will ignore precedent and age-old norms in order to take out Orange Man Bad.

They will participate in a coup, make up a story about a president colluding with a foreign enemy, riot in the streets and rig an election and that’s just the tip of their iceberg.

It’s an obsession. It’s why we call it TDS. Trump derangement syndrome. And it never stops either. Even after the Democrats got tyrannical Trumpie out of office, that still wasn’t good enough. They can’t give up their hate, their vengeance and their lust for power.

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In their latest attempt to “get” Trump (there are so many that I’ve lost count), the Democrats are now telling everyone that Trump took nuclear secrets to Mar-a-Lago with him.

Let’s ignore the fact that there’s a 99.9% chance that they are lying and a 99.8% chance that they are planting evidence in the boxes that they took out of Trump’s home.

Let’s say they are right.

What are they doing about it? They’re taking pictures of empty folders and documents and leaking whatever “evidence” and stories they want to on a daily basis. They pretend to care about national security but all they do all day long is leak things about national security.

They keep reporting that Donald Trump took secret classified documents with him and saying that he’s an everlasting danger to the republic – and the Biden DOJ and FBI concur. All the while, they are leaking information that could be a danger to the republic. As they act in a way that is DEFINITELY a danger to the republic.

And who are their sources? The same ones they’ve had for the past 4+ years when they lied about Trump. They are sources “familiar with the matter.” That sure makes it easy to write any fictional story that they want.

And they do.