Racism is racism no matter what form it comes in and most everyday Americans used to understand that and act accordingly.

Unfortunately, under democrat rule, because they pander to black voters, racism is alive and well again all over the United States as the leftists work to divide the country with their constant race-baiting and agitation of the populous. And it’s not even for any kind of noble purpose. It’s to get votes in their elections.

And one of the ways they spread their racism is through the school systems and their unions pushing the teaching of things like Critical Race Theory. The education system seems to be where the democrats push a lot of their racist policies whether it affects teachers or students.

Another example of this has turned up in Minnesota. According to Alpha News, in Minneapolis, there is a contract between the local school union, Minneapolis Federation of Teachers (MFT) and Minneapolis Public Schools that requires that white teachers have to be fired first when there is staff downsizing. This contract was a result of a 14- day teachers strike.

Yep, it doesn’t have anything to do with competence. Just the color of your skin. Starting with their Spring 2023 budget cycle, if there is downsizing to be done and there is a “underrepresented” teacher, the school has to “excess” a teacher with the “next least” seniority who is NOT underrepresented.

They can use any flowery BS language they want. They are racists.

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In their protection of educators of color, these racists say that non-white teachers and others working in various programs “may be exempted from district-wide layoff(s) outside seniority order” in order to “remedy the continuing efforts of past discrimination…”

This racist plan of theirs is totally illegal as it relates to state and federal discrimination laws. It’s totally against the state and federal constitutions. But hey, since when have the leftists cared about following the laws? They do what they want until they can’t. And they almost always get their way at least for a little while.