Yes, this seems to be a new trend. Back in the days of Rush Limbaugh, he used to talk about how the democrats deflected attention from their evil deeds by changing the narrative to “the Republicans pounce.”

This was done so that no one paid attention to what the democrats were actually doing and instead only paid attention to the Republican’s reactions to what they were doing.

But now, the democrats have a new strategy.

If we criticize their corrupt FBI tactics or AOC or anything else, they come out with massive alarms that they’ve been receiving death threats and the crazy MAGA people are out to get them and they put out a domestic terrorism alert.

It’s their newest strategy to stop dissent.

The latest example of this happening is with the IRS. The Daily Mail reports that ever since the Republicans starts talking about the 87,000 new IRS agents that were hired to come after all of us, now the agents are scared for their lives and a security review of their facilities has been initiated.

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Never mind that WE are not usually the ones who respond badly with protests and violence and death threats (Google the words Black Lives Matter, Antifa, Nicholas Roske, Congressional baseball shooting, or Rand Paul attacked after Trump accept’s party nomination).

And if anyone wants to bring up January 6th, the law is OBVIOUSLY prosecuting those offenders (unlike many of the leftists listed above) and the only person purposely killed that day was Trump supporter Ashli Babbitt.

But the media will ignore the bad behavior of the leftists and call arson and assault “peaceful protests” because when democrats don’t get their way, they must be able to respond with retaliation and vile behavior to intimidate everyone.

But if the Republicans even dare to criticize the Democrats for anything, it’s an attack on their very lives.

So what is going on with the IRS? Commissioner Charles Rettig is calling us monsters. He said, “We see that what’s out there in terms of social media. Our workforce is concerned about their safety. The comments being made are extremely disrespectful to the agency, to the employees and to the country.”

Hello? Why don’t you go on Twitter and read the disrespectful comments about Trump, the MAGA movement and black Republican Hershel Walker who is being called a moron and about everything else under the sun lately the last few days.

But the IRS seems to be getting their panties in a twist because Senator Ted Cruz tweets out “Abolish the IRS” and because people are pissed off about the democrat’s plans to audit their political enemies with their extra agents.

Give me a break.

Why doesn’t the IRS and the democrats just team up with Twitter and TikTok and Facebook to shut us down so we can’t comment on anything they do?

Oh, yeah, they already have. And their plans are going to be going on steroids during the run-up to the election with their “fact-checking” and banning of our posts and comments.

The leftists, who are in control of the social media platforms, are working hard to combat “disinformation” i.e. any truthful statements about what the democrats are doing.

And as talk show host Dan Bongino pointed out the other day, why are they getting dinged by the FEC for these in-kind contributions to the democrats?