So I am sure you have noticed that justice is out the window now in most situations… People who commit attempted murder get out of jail without bail, Trump supporters get held in prison with no due process and court rulings have been going the way of the democrats because they get liberal judges – except for the Supreme Court but the leftists are working on that.

Right now, justice isn’t about the law or the Constitution. It’s about the prosecutor and the judge.

The leftist prosecutor doesn’t want to prosecute people of color so everyone is let go. And when they HAVE to prosecute because the media has exposed their corruption, idiocy and vileness, then the judge gets to display the same partisan ideology as the prosecutors.

In the case of the apparent attempted murderous assault that just happened in NYC when the criminal sucker (a convicted sex offender who abused a 17-year-old girl) punched someone out of the blue, the prosecutors lowered his charges to misdemeanors and the judge let him walk.

These leftist “law” folks have absolutely NO consideration for the victims or the future victims of their crimes – us.

Wokeness and social justice has taken over the justice system and now the citizens of our country are fair game for assaults, rapes, murders, thefts, and everything else under the sun.

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Because the “law enforcement” people won’t enforce the law, we are afforded less and less police officers because they are disgusted and leave. And the criminals see what’s going on. They are taking advantage of their newfound freedom. The repeat offenders are becoming repeat and repeat and repeat offenders.

And they have become more and more brazen every day as you see form the flash mobs that show up in places like 7-11 and steal whatever they want because they know that nothing will be done about it.

And with the big cases in the states, like the abortion cases in Michigan, they keep getting decided on the side of the democrats because they go to democrat judges. Even ones who have conflicts of interest problems are not taken off the cases.

It’s not about the law anymore. It’s about which judge you get.

The democrats can and will get away with whatever they are trying to get away with – as long as they can – until they are stopped by the pissed off and law-abiding people in the country. That could come in the form of voting them out or shaming them into doing the right thing when their appalling behavior appears all over the TV and the internet.

It’s a problem that HAS to be solved because with prosecutors and judges in the pockets of the Democratic party, it’s going to continue to be a dangerous world that we’re living in.