Well now. The party of women, as the Dems have been calling themselves for decades, has a very peculiar way of showing it.

One of their leaders, perhaps the ideological guidestar of the party, has a serious problem with women in the Oval Office. As Conservatives get ready to welcome Liz Truss as UK PM, and as American conservatives admire and support Nikki Haley, Candace Owens, and Tudor Dixon, Dems pay lip service to equal political opportunity but stand against it in private and in practice.

Case in point: Bernie Sanders in 2018 said that “a woman couldn’t win” the election. He was referring to the 2020 presidential election.

Then candidate Liz Warren confirmed that he told her privately during a debate that he did not believe “that a woman could win the election.” She then asked him, “Why did you say that?”

Sanders’ retorted on camera, “Well, as a matter of fact, I didn’t say it. And I don’t want to waste a whole lot of time on this, because this is what Donald Trump and maybe some of the media want. Anybody who knows me knows that it’s incomprehensible that I would think that a woman couldn’t be president of the United States.”

The best moment came at the end of the debate, where Warren, with a hot mic, confronted Sanders, saying, “I think you called me a liar on national TV.” Sanders blew off the charge, saying “Let’s not do this now.” Convenient.

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Apparently, according to a new book by Ali Vitali of NBC, “Hillary Clinton was watching this debate moment, too. ‘I believed her, because I know Sanders, and I know the kind of things that he says about women and to women,’ she told me, her distaste for her 2016 opponent still palpable.”

“I wish she had just turned on him and said, ‘You know, it’s one thing to mislead people about your healthcare plan. It’s another thing to tell someone to her face that a conversation which you know happened didn’t happen.’ I mean, that would have been, I think, a really important moment for her,” the socialist beast told the journalist. Uh huh. Hillary is so wooden she would have choked. But, easy in hindsight.

Vitali opined, “It was 2016 redux. Back then, it was #NeverHillary or #NeverClinton, a hashtag that persisted throughout the primary, past the convention and into the general election. Now, it was #NeverWarren — the hashtag revived and revamped to fit another female candidate who dared challenge Bernie and the Bros.” Exactly.

Just as today, when Dems throw female athletes under the bus, Democrats have in reality never been the party of women. They are, in fact, the party that uses women as victims to gather cheap political points. They will likely remain as such in the future.