Yes, we have known for a while that we are at war with the radical democrats and we know that they will go to any extremes to win that war. We first learned about this when Obama and his intelligence agencies tried to take out Donald Trump right from the beginning of his candidacy for president.

Obama’s pal Hillary paid for Russia disinformation and they wiretapped Trump’s offices and went after his staff. They attempted a coup, they participated in two fake impeachments, they had the fake Mueller investigation and they have the January 6th investigation.

There have no limits in their targeting of Orange Man Bad – or us. Not morally, not legally and not constitutionally. This was also on full display in their investigation of January 6th and anyone who was anywhere near the Capitol that day. They used every resource to round people up and target them whether that resource was legal or not.

They do what they want. They follow no laws. They laugh at the Constitution.

And they are scared out of their minds that Trump will be president again because they need to keep that power and their monetary deals that they have in place. After all, Nancy Pelosi’s husband has to keep playing the market with inside information so he can buy the right stock to keep their freezers full of ice cream.

The democrats need to be able to make us wear masks, get vaccines, hand over our money to the IRS, buy electric cars, tell us how much water we can use, get rid of our guns, censor our speech, keep the borders open, keep the Fentanyl coming into the United States, and let criminals out of jail. Their America Last agenda must not be stopped.

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Funny how they’ve literally used every resource at their fingertips and still have nothing on Trump. They’ve found no smoking gun after all of this time even with the IRS, CIA, FBI and the other alphabet agencies and democrat governmental departments breathing down his neck.

The raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home is a message not just for Trump but for us. WE SHALL COMPLY with all of their edicts and we are powerless against them. That is the statement that they are making with the raid.

We are their actual targets. This is a warning shot. Don’t support Trump. Don’t be around Trump. Don’t do anything that the democrats disagree with or you’ll wind up in the big house and the 87,000 new IRS agents they plan to hire will come after you.

Trump said in a statement about the raid, “These are dark times for our nation” and “nothing like this has ever happened to a president of the United States before.”

But guess what the Democrats have done? What have they accomplished with this raid on a former Republican president?

They have all but guaranteed a 2024 presidential win for Donald Trump – that is, of course, unless their election-rigging is successful again.

I had planned to vote for Ron DeSantis in the republican primary election. No more. I am 100% on the Trump train now. I see very clearly what’s going on and I will vote for the warrior that we need to fight the corruption that the democrats are marinating in.

Trump will not just fight for himself, he will fight for us.

My husband, who is conservative but considers himself an independent, said of the FBI last night, “they are a terrorist organization.”

Yes. Under the Biden-Harris administration, they have become a partisan, corrupt and lawless terrorist organization.

The FBI is no longer credible at all. Although, truthfully, I knew this back during the Las Vegas mass shooting which to this day, they have no answers about. 58 people were killed and almost 1,000 people were injured and the FBI says there is “no motive” for the shooter. Give me a break. No one believes their story – their cover-up of whatever they were involved with. And things have only gotten worse with the agency since that time.

As Dan Bongino said eloquently Monday night after the raid on Mar-a-Lago when he appeared on Jesse Watters’ show on Fox News, “This is some third-world Bullshit…This is a freaking disgrace. A disgrace. We don’t live in Cuba. We don’t live under Kim Jong- un. We live in a constitutional republic, a representative democracy…”

Do we??