It’s the age-old question… are democrats incompetent or evil? Both.

Definition of inflation: a continuing rise in the general price level usually attributed to an increase in the volume of money and credit relative to available goods and services.


So what has the Federal Reserve done about it? Well, they’ve increased interest rates so that we spend less. It’s a pretty sound idea even though their way out of inflation is to hurt US.

But what is the democrat plan to fight inflation? Well, first of all, you are assuming that they care about it. They don’t. They CAUSED it. They care about how things look and they care about buying votes. Those are their priorities.

To that end, they keep spending taxpayer dollars (i.e. the latest strategy is their laughably named Inflation Reduction Act bill) which will do the opposite of stopping inflation.

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What else? They’re raising taxes in a recession. That’s just brilliant!!!!

What else? They’re using taxpayer money to buy votes by handing out $10K to their liberal college-educated friends by reducing their student loan debt.

These folks will have more money to eat out, more money for pot and all kinds of things.

Goodie for them… I don’t mind paying for other people’s lifestyles… that’s what we do when democrats are in charge.

But that’s more spending. That’s the opposite of what you want during an inflationary period with a shortage of goods and services and workers but lots of money floating around. Brilliant again.

And how will it be paid for? Who the heck knows. How will all the billions of dollars in Ukraine assistance be paid for that goes out the window each week? Who the heck knows.

But we do know… it’s paid by us.