So I went off to cover a pretty big event this weekend and was enjoying myself in the media room with the air conditioning, nice music, a table, a close-by bathroom and a vending machine – not to mention that it was quiet in the middle of craziness. It was the nice oasis that I needed so I could do some interviews before I got ready for the main event.

Well, things didn’t go quite as planned and after my interviews, the live feed in our room was cut off after pandemonium ensued downstairs at the event. At this point, there were maybe a dozen of us in the room who all had to race downstairs to where the action was going on.

The TV folks were standing on a raised platform that was already pretty full of people and equipment. The organizers of the event didn’t really set up an additional place for photographers and journalists – so we sat on the floor, stood around and some sat on the bottom of the platform where there was a little space around the edges.

Most of the media already sitting on the platform were youngsters and they generously offered up their seat for the “old lady.”

Old lady? How old am I? Let’s just say, I’m between 50 and 60 and leave it at that. I think they realized if I sat on the floor, I might not be able to get back up. At least not very quickly.

Now this next part is what is going to shock you…many of them were liberal journalists (that’s not the shocking part) – and they were nice and helpful.

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What? Nice and helpful liberal journalists? Do those exist? Yes, it seems so.

They were from Michigan-based and nationally known liberal newspapers and websites that you all know – and despise.

But as bad as they are at reporting the REAL and unbiased news, they were, while we were all working around each other on that day, nice and helpful to each other. No, not just nice to other liberals – they were nice to everyone who was there in the media trying to do their job – no matter who we all worked for.

One of them gave me her password so I could have a better internet connection. Another gave up their seat for me. Another charged one of my phones with the battery he brought when I said mine was almost out of juice.

Food and water was offered to each other and information was shared about the facts of what was going on. Yes, I will grant you that the facts weren’t always used professionally or in an unbiased way, but the facts were offered nevertheless.

Between everyone there, and different people talking to different people, we were able to piece together a full story of what was going on. So if someone WANTED to be accurate, the information was available.

After hanging out with these “enemies” of the state, I have a little better impression of the media now. Even the fake news media.

Yes, they are ideological and they write stories to fit the narratives that they come up with instead of just reporting what they see when they get somewhere…

But it was obvious to me that these people are not evil – at least not the ones that I met. They’re just liberal.