I had a talk with my Ford Focus the other day. Even though my little white friend, which averages about 27 MPG, isn’t a gas-guzzling SUV devil, the progressive leftists are still coming after her. The leftists want to get rid of all vehicles that use gasoline and put us all in electric vehicles (EVs). She wasn’t happy.

She asked me…

Do we have enough power on the electric grid to do this? No.

Do we have enough EV charging stations? No.

Is there a way to dispose of the batteries that is environmentally friendly? No.

Do the car batteries operate efficiently in extreme hot and cold weather? No.

Do you support individual military members being able to opt out of getting the COVID vaccine?

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Can EVs be hacked? Yes.

Can EV charging stations be hacked? Yes.

Aren’t EV battery components easily flammable? Yes.

Are battery fires easy to extinguish? No.

Will the fires re-ignite afterwards? Yes.

Does everyone have $40K to buy an electric car? No.

Can the EVs be re-charged quickly? No.

And the list goes on and on…

The rapid mandatory edicts from the leftists to make everyone drive electric vehicles are insane and cruel to the American people – and their plans are totally unfeasible.

But that didn’t stop California from voting recently to ban the sales of gas-powered vehicles starting with 2035 models. And the democrats are doing their best to make sure that the same thing happens all across the country as soon as possible.

So what will your options be when they get rid of your cars and trucks and you have no other way to get around? Well, you can walk, you can buy a horse, use a skateboard, bicycle…maybe they will have commercial jet packs by then – operated by cottage cheese and solar panels of course.

Looking at the dilemma soon to be in front of her, my Ford Focus has decided to identity as a student loan. That way, instead of getting canceled by the leftists, she’ll actually get money for her very existence.