Soros-funded radical DA George Gascón who is on a trajectory be recalled by disgusted citizens (hopefully) is working hard to make sure he gets murderers out of their death sentences. It’s racist, don’t you know.

687 inmates (who would be called “incarcerated persons” if they were in New York according to their woke governor, Kathy Hochul), would get a birthday present from Gascon if he has his way.

He’s working to make sure that criminals don’t have to pay a real price for their crimes. He prefers they continue to eat hamburgers, get free medical care and educational opportunities instead of an injection in the arm.

Of the 215 inmates on death row that are from L.A. County, Gascón is currently reviewing 65 of those cases. According to Yahoo News, he’s been able to vacate the death sentences of seven of those inmates and they are now in prison for life.

Gascón says, “The reality is a death penalty doesn’t make us safer. It’s racist. It’s morally untenable, it’s irreversible and expensive.”

That doesn’t even make sense. I don’t think it’s any more expensive to than to house the criminals for their entire lives and feed them, give them medical care and other amenities.

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Gascón says, “I am committed to resentencing those currently on death row to life in prison.”

It’s nice to know that the democrats are completely out in the open now with their evil plans. They used to hide those kinds of things from us.

Gascón says it’s “devastating” to the families of the murderers. The poor things. He doesn’t say anything about the victims or the families of the victims and how devastating it is to be murdered.

So it’s Happy Birthday for Manuel Bracamontes who kidnapped, sexually assaulted and stabbed to death a 9-year-old girl. She was found wearing pink pajamas and underwear, having been stabbed ten times with what was believed to be a pickaxe.

It’s Happy Birthday for Cimarron Bell, a serial killer, who shot his girlfriend in the head because he thought she was stealing from him.

And it WOULD have been Happy Birthday for John Beames who beat and killed his girlfriend’s 15- month-old toddler, a child who previously suffered a broken leg, multiple broken ribs, burns, bruising and there was evidence she had been hung by the neck.

But lucky for all of us, he died of COVID-19 in San Quentin. He got what he deserved – just like the rest of them need to.