In the latest controversy in the ongoing sexual revolution, gay, lesbian, and bisexual activists want to throw transgender types under the bus.

Gays are saying that they didn’t sign on for the bizarre excess baggage that gender dysphoric individuals bring to the table. The insane non binary indoctrination of kids, gender denying propaganda, the targeting of female athletes, and pedo grooming are activities that mainstream gays want no part of.

Writer Peter Heck puts it this way, “It was always unsustainable. The only question was how long the LGBT political movement would bask in the glory of its inarguably successful obliteration of traditional societal norms and sexual mores before they took the time to notice. But with #LGBdroptheT trending on Twitter multiple times over the course of the last week or two, it seems apparent that at least in certain quarters, the revolutionaries are doing what revolutionaries always do: turn on each other.

Transgenderism relies entirely upon the non-existence of a gender binary, assuming a sliding scale of gender identity that denies there even is such thing as truly ‘male’ or truly ‘female.’ Needless to say, there can be no gay man if there is no such thing as a man. There can be no lesbian if there is no such thing as a woman.

It’s ironic, isn’t it? As traditional conservatives, and even outspoken, high-profile Christian preachers publicly muse about potentially acquiescing to the reality-denying pronoun preferences, it’s lesbian and gay activists demanding an end to the madness for the sake of our children.”

I’ve personally talked to gay friends who think exactly the same way. Many gays are upscale professionals who are surprisingly conservative, especially on economic matters. Hence the establishment of groups like the Log Cabin Republicans and the presence of prominent gays like Richard Grenell in the Trump administration.

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As American society became more tolerant of gays in the 60s and 70s, the popular culture, led by many gays in the arts and entertainment industry, not only removed the public stigma of homosexuality, but made it a veritable badge of honor amongst society at large. I mean, have you watched a Tony Awards show recently? I haven’t, but I get the drift.

As many, if not most, of the Generation X and subsequent generations adopted a libertarian live and let live attitude on social issues, gays and lesbians had it, and still do, pretty good in America, certainly as opposed to gays in most other parts of the world like Africa, Asia, and the Muslim world.

But then along came mentally ill individuals who hitched a ride on the activist train. Now, responsible gay Americans want no more to do with people who are dangerously attempting to mainstream a clinical condition. Gay Americans are absolutely correct in their growing abhorrence of the transgender agenda.