Looks like NYC Mayor Eric Adams doesn’t know how to deal with the illegal aliens that have been bussed into his sanctuary city by Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

Adams has been yelling and screaming about how “horrific” it is. Not sure what exactly is horrific about it and why the media isn’t calling out that statement but I digress…

Adams’ new plan seems to be putting the illegal aliens up at a nice swanky luxury Manhattan hotel called The Row – because, gosh, we can’t have them suffering at all or being inconvenienced in any way.

The hotel idea seems to be his current answer after he called for plans to have NGOs prepare a sheltering facility in the city that can hold up to 600 households. Originally, he wanted it done right away but had to extend his deadline for logistical purposes.

In order to coddle the illegal aliens, the NGOs have to make sure they have round-the- clock services including Spanish-speaking bilingual staffers to meet their every need.

A staffer at the hotel told the New York Post that this sheltering plan would be happening in a month or two and that the DHS “shelter” would be housed on a certain floor. There were no details on the costs of this plan or who would be running the shelter.

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I’m wondering how many guests, who are paying high-end prices for this high-end hotel, are going to want to stay there when they learn that unvetted homeless illegal aliens will be housed there – in a city that’s already rampant with criminal activity.

And I wonder if the illegal aliens will get to partake in all of the amenities of the hotel and not be forced to stay in their rooms on their “caged” floor.

Will they be allowed to use the iMac computers, the fitness center and the WiFi, watch cable for free on the flat-screen LCD TVs, and listen to live music in the café? If not, they should seek an ACLU attorney to sue for discrimination.

The rooms at the hotel usually cost about $400+ a night, depending on the view which means that the hotel will be catering to two different demographics – the wealthy tourist and the homeless illegal alien.

What would possibly go wrong with that combination?