We recall not too long ago the right good pranging Republican governor Ron DeSantis gave Disney when it tried to involve itself in Florida cultural politics.

Disney paid for its woke arrogance in reputation and cash. It also soured parents nationwide on the brand. That will lead to problems for the enforced fun franchise in the future, as the cost of visiting its Florida park has also gone through the roof. But it goes past the bottom line. There was a time…

When I was a kid in the 1960s the Sunday night Wonderful World of Disney on NBC was a program the whole family could watch together, like Ed Sullivan. Disney movies were also family events. Why? Because they weren’t cringeworthy. They embarrassed no one in the station wagon at the drive-in. These films did not seek to offend, mortify, or push avant garde boundaries. It was just innocent family drivel, just right for mom, dad, and the pre-teen set. However, like the FBI, Disney is a brand that has been ruined by left-wing politics.

I grew up in Florida. So I went to Disney World twice, as it was relatively close. Once on an 8th grade field trip when the park first opened. It was goofy fun. The Eastern Airlines “If I Had Wings” ride was easily the best and it was free.

I went my second and final time for high school grad nite. That was a late 1970s concept where 40,000 drunk and high as kites high school seniors got exclusive run of the park from 6pm to 6am. It was a debauched bacchanalia that featured mounds of cocaine, conveniently brought by students, available in myriad bathrooms. The air reeked of sensemilla, the coonskin caps tasted of stale Heineken. It was glorious. But, I digress.

While that secondary school Gotterdammerung for future Reagan voters was happening, Disney still retained its general innocence. Though before long, storm clouds were on the horizon. In 1995 Disney bought ABC. No longer just a family entertainment company, it was now a player in the New York/Hollywood cultural bubble. It changed accordingly.

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It started to present deviance as the norm. It went past tolerance and demanded privileges for PC approved pressure groups. A company that had once been a reliable Heartland barometer went bi-coastal and woke. Animated characters got sex lives. The history of Main Street America was rewritten to reflect the social mores of Manhattan and San Francisco.

And then earlier this year Disney, in all its twisted wisdom, decided to pick an aforementioned fight with a popular Republican governor over…get this…exposing elementary school children to perv hijinks billed as sex education. Guess who won?

In sixty years, from the innocemt dreams of Walt Disney to its current status as a mouthpiece for a radical social agenda, Disney has betrayed America and its families by turning its back on the virtues that made it and those families successful in the first place. Sadly, in the long run, families will pay a higher price for it than Disney.