As you all know about democrats, they attack from all sides. They have short term goals and long term goals. They have legal strategies and illegal strategies.

They try to win through elections. But if that doesn’t work, they try to win in the courts. If that doesn’t work, they go through legislation. If that doesn’t work, they threaten and protest and riot and lie. They use their unelected bureaucrats to rule over us and partner with their friends in leftist companies to control us.

One pretty smart strategy the leftists have come up with to go after their political enemies and rule over the business sector is something called ESG.

It stand for Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance. Basically, it measures how leftist your company is for investment purposes.

Your company is given a score based on your woke-ness. Are you diverse? Are you pro- climate change? And if you are not a leftist (or leftist enough) you aren’t going to be getting a very good score and your company will be devalued and you will have a hard time getting funding.

Not surprisingly, most Republicans aren’t sounding the alarm about this but there have been a few talking about what’s going on including Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. He has said it “threatens the vitality of the American economy and Americans’ economic freedom by targeting disfavored individuals and industries to advance a woke ideological agenda.”

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Former Vice President Mike Pence agrees. In an opinion piece for the Wall Street Journal, he said, “ESG empowers an unelected cabal of bureaucrats, regulators and activist investors to rate companies based on their adherence to left-wing values.” He points out that it’s a way to make it impossible for a company to raise capital if they have a low ESG score. It’s the way for the democrats to get what they want without elections and the free market to decide the fate of the American people.

Utah State Treasurer Marlo Oaks says, “ESG is about controlling and forcing behaviors” and calls it a “political” score.

Talk show host Glenn Beck has been discussing ESG it for a while now and gets right to the point by calling it “pure evil.”

So in a nutshell, you SHALT NOT EMIT CARBON DIOXIDE and you must develop DEI programs. It lines up perfectly with the Biden-Harris administration’s governance of the country where the only two priorities in all departments have been climate change and DEI.

The Biden administration is actually looking at ESG scoring in retirement plan investing. They care more about their leftist agenda than they care about your retirement fund having any kind of decent return on investment.

According to Fox News, in March, the SEC released an ESG proposal that would “require companies to report the environmental impact of its practices.

ESG is a major threat to our liberty – just like democrats.