Emergencies used to mean that there was a wildfire or flood somewhere and the governments would declare states of emergencies in order to receive funding for disaster relief.

COVID-19 changed all. that. Emergency declarations and orders became political tools for the democrats – something to be used to rule over us with no restraints. This was happening, and continues to happen, at all levels. Federal, state, county, city, school boards, etc.

The Democrats were and are able to control whatever they want with their emergency orders. And they did that right away when the pandemic started. They could define who was essential; order us to get vaccines and wear masks; let us know who could have first amendment protections; disallow us from getting needed surgeries; let us know which stores we could go to, they could close down schools and churches and gun shops. They did whatever they wanted. You know what happened. You were there. You saw your new reality with your own eyes.

Pandemic emergency orders were the biggest gifts ever handed to a tyrannical political party and the democrats used it with complete abandon. They still do when they need to.

That’s why COVID-19 continues to be an “emergency” according to Biden and his merry band of thieves. And it probably always WILL BE an emergency until a Republican gets into the White House. But, of course, there are other COVID-19 public health emergencies in states and counties all over the country in one form or another so the government can continue to have control over us. A public health emergency was actually declared by the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) in late January of 2020, before Trump got it going. It was renewed in July of this year and is set to expire in mid-October 2022.

Even though Trump was the one to declare the emergency on March 13, 2020 with Proclamation 9994, it’s one of the few things left over from the Trump administration that remains untouched because it is the gift that keeps on giving for the Biden-Harris administration.

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On February 18, 2022, Biden declared, “The COVID-19 pandemic continues to cause significant risk to the public health and safety of the Nation” and said it must continue in effect beyond March 1, 2022 in accordance with section 202(d) of the National Emergencies Act (50 USC 1622(d)). As you can see, Biden declared no end date. It is indefinite.

So even as the country has moved on from the pandemic, the politicians haven’t. Even though the CDC has loosened many COVID-19 related recommendations for the public, Biden is still using the pandemic as the emergency reason to hand out free money for college loans.

Citing the HEROES Act legislation which gives the Secretary of Education “waiver authority to respond to a war or other military operation or national authority,” President Disaster and his pals are moving ahead with the $600 billion plus (which probably means $1 trillion plus) giveaway.

And as their marketing strategy, Biden’s communications people are bitching about the Republicans bitching about the handouts and are comparing them to the Paycheck Protection Program loans (PPPs).

Not even close, dudes and dudettes.

It’s so unfair, the Democrats say, that the Republicans were okay with giving money to business owners but not those poor struggling graduate students out there getting degrees in gender studies and social media suppression and volleyball.

The Biden folks and their stenographers in the media are ignoring. The PPP was a program that was in legislation APPROVED by Congress and not just a fiat by a self-proclaimed monarch named King Biden.

And the money given was a result of the GOVERNMENT SHUTTING DOWN BUSINESSES, not because the businesses failed on their own accord or took out loans that they couldn’t pay.

And then there’s fraud to think about as we head towards this big windfall of money for pot smoking and partying graduate students.

The PPP program was the “biggest fraud in a generation,” said former Michigan US attorney Matthew Schneider, commenting about the program.

People bought Lamborghinis, Teslas, private jets, vacations and more.
Billions in fraud. How much fraud will the student loan program have? Lots, I am sure.

The money would be better used for grants for community college, money for apprenticeships and to help people start small businesses. Things that would actually open up more jobs and get more businesses going. But that’s common sense – something the Democrats know nothing about.