Nice try, Mr. Garland, in your attempt to shame us because we push back on your corruption and the corruption of the DOJ and FBI.

Your attempt to scold us for calling you out for your raid on former President Donald Trump has fallen on deaf ears. Same goes for your story that Trump is a threat to the country, in need of having his house raided for dastardly deeds.

Nope. You are liars. You are protecting Biden and yourselves and all the dastardly deeds the democrats have been committing the past few years.

You frame people, you lie, you spy… nothing that comes out of your mouth is the truth. And I can’t believe you have called the criticism of the FBI “unfounded attacks.”

Seriously? After all of your leftist intelligence agency folks pushed the Russia collusion hoax for years and lied on FISA warrants? And that’s just one example of your corruption.

So do we think you have – or will in the future – plant evidence on Trump in an attempting to charge him in a criminal investigation? Yes.

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Are you going to use fake evidence to go after Trump? Yes.

We also found out lately that whistleblowers have revealed widespread FBI misconduct. Gee, no one is surprised by that.

Not only does the FBI and DOJ lie and commit fraud, your whole political party does. No, Trump did NOT collude with Russia.
Yes, we ARE in a recession.
No, the spending bill will NOT fight inflation.

Yes, you ARE teaching CRT in classrooms across the country.

No, COVID-19 vaccines DON’T work.

No, the border is NOT secure.

But how dare we question any of you about your motives or your lies or your fraud! And if we do, you shut down our social media sites and go after us personally.

Every day you change definition of words and pretend we’re living in a reality that doesn’t actually exist. You are frauds – on a daily basis.

You said in your speech “All Americans are entitled to the evenhanded application of the law, the due process of the law and to the presumption of innocence.”

That is a joke. Another lie. I don’t think some of the people who were at the Capitol on January 6th feel that way.