The Biden-Harris administration has had two priorities from day one – pushing the climate change agenda and pushing DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion). That’s it. That’s what every department was Executive Ordered to deal with. That’s the agenda. This is where a majority of their time is spent.

It doesn’t matter if they are in the treasury department or if they are running the DOJ or Homeland Security – or if if it’s the Defense Secretary. Go wore or go broke. Play the game or hit the road. But don’t worry because they all play the game. They are leftists and they don’t even need the marching orders. They’d volunteer for this crap.

That includes one of Biden’s Cybersecurity Czars, Deputy National Cyber Director Camille Stewart, who the Washington Free Bacon is reporting has said (with a straight face) that “systemic racism is a major threat to U.S. security.”

No, honey, hacking and Russian cyberattacks and Iran cyberattacks and China cyberattacks are a threat to our security and that is what you need to be concentrating on.

But she has other plans. She said that our National Security apparatus “must be part of dismantling systemic racism” and “pursuing anti-racist and anti-hate policy outcomes.”

Stewart is an Obama retread (how shocking) and has had social media posts about America being intrinsically racist (haven’t they all?)

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She has also said that “communities of color are disproportionately affected by cyberattacks that target critical infrastructure” and in wrote in a 2020 Hill column that Biden’s efforts to combat systemic racism “must be woven into leadership priorities, processes, structures and domestic and international strategy”

Cybersecurity. Another part of our democratic-controlled country currently circling the drain.