Looks like the chickens have come home to roost in Democratic-run Baltimore, Maryland, where they have had 230 murders already this year. That’s what happens in these cities that target the police instead of the criminals because they are trying to pander for votes.

Democratic Mayor Brandon Scott hasn’t keep his word to reduce murders and other crimes. No, crime is not happening because of the media or gun manufacturers, Mr. Scott. It’s people. Violent people who democrats coddle and let loose over and over again to commit crimes.

During his campaign to be mayor, Scott said he’d reduce homicides by 15% each year of his term and would get the city below 300 homicides in his first year. FAIL. How did he intend to do this? To study the flow of guns into the city and come up with violence reduction strategy. FAIL. That is NOT a real way to reduce crime. But it’s the democrat way.

Scott is a real gem. He is a woke leftist who, as city councilperson, voted against an aerial surveillance program for the Baltimore Police Department and also supported the reduction of police funding.

Zero Hedge has reported that because of the violence in Baltimore, the NAACP has actually petitioned the governor to declare a public state of emergency and deploy the National Guard into a city only an hour north of the White House.

That would be racist, right? When Trump tried that strategy, it certainly was.

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Maybe the people of Baltimore should stop voting for democrats if they don’t want to be robbed, raped or shot. Seems like that would be a good idea. They obviously have no concern for their own safety which is okay because the democrats in charge of their city don’t either and haven’t for a long time. If the murder count gets to 300 by the end of the year, it’ll be eight years in a row.

Even in 2019, before the pandemic, the Baltimore Sun reported that the city is “worse than” many Central American countries. In 2018, USA Today named the city “the nation’s most dangerous city” and the “deadliest big city in the country.”

And currently, at the World Population Review’s website, they list Baltimore as the #4 most dangerous city in the United States with Detroit at the top for 2022. But it’s not because Baltimore is getting better… it’s because the other leftist cities in the country are getting worse.

The only good news out of Baltimore lately is that woke state’s attorney Marilyn Mosby lost her Democratic primary. She says a federal investigation into her finances is what did her in but maybe it was because of her radical criminal justice reform ideas – like her ridiculous “no prosecution policy” for drug possession and prostitution.