Liz Cheney probably has less than a week left as a member of Congress. The latest polls have her behind her Trump-endorsed opponent by double digits.

This isn’t very surprising, as Cheney has lately gone far off the reservation in her criticism of the Republican Party and even other Republicans who are independent of Trump.

But there was a time not that long ago when she took in some Republicans with her legitimate criticism of the behavior of the 45th president. (Insert sound of eating crow), I am one of those people.

I liked her dad, thought she was gutsy, have a thing for women in glasses. Combine that with Trump’s spoiled brat routine and his bizarre actions on January 6th and when a letter came in the mail from her campaign extolling her very conservative voting record, I bit. Not once, but a couple of times. Relatively paltry sums, true. But I should have known better.

The cynical former GOP political consultant in me should have realized that Cheney is a political opportunist who is setting up her retirement plan by trashing the one guy sure to get her applause from the media and the cultural bureaucracy. The NYT, MSNBC, and NPR are surely finding a place for her post haste. Not to mention foundations, corporate boards, and think tanks. But I didn’t grab that at first.

The first hint of my mistake was when I heard her call the Republican Party racist. That is a standard Dem talking point with no validity. Then she recently opined, that the GOP “may not be salvageable in the short term because it is very sick” and “is continuing to drive itself in a ditch.” No doubt House and Senate Dems on the verge of defeat have no problem with her words.

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Also, in a campaign ad, her dad said, “In our nation’s 246-year history, there has never been an individual who is a greater threat to our republic than Donald Trump.” Really? Jefferson Davis? Alger Hiss? The guy who invented roller boogie? What an idiotic statement from Cheney the Elder.

But the deal was sealed with this recent gem. “I think that Ron DeSantis has lined himself up almost entirely with Donald Trump, and I think that’s very dangerous,” Liz Cheney said to the New York Times.

Ah, so that’s the deal. It’s not just Trump that she’s after, as she claimed before, but any conservative Republican who poses a threat to Democrat rule. As per DeSantis and Trump, the Florida governor has played a very smart game in regards to the former president, much like Youngkin did last year in Virginia. To call them politically joined at the hip is an outright lie.

Now that I’m over her, as is the lion’s share of the party, I can rejoice in her upcoming political demise. For I can respect and perhaps agree to certain legitimate criticisms of Trump and his post 2020 election actions. But when that is exaggerated to the point of Dem propaganda that serves to keep socialists in office and thus injure the country, I’m out of the pool. It’s nice to be dry again.