So the CDC has finally admitted that they haven’t known what they have been doing during the pandemic. A surprise to none of us. After a review of the agency, Director Rochelle Walensky admitted, “For 75 years, CDC and public health have been preparing for COVID-19, and in our big moment, our performance did not reliably meet expectations.”

She had to admit this after the review produced a report compiled after 120 agency staff members were interviewed and it found, among other things, that it “takes too long for CDC to publish its data and science for decision making,” that its guidance is “confusing and overwhelming” and that agency staff turnover during the COVID-19 response “crated gaps and other challenges for partners.”

The review concluded that the “traditional scientific and communication processes were not adequate to effectively respond to a crisis the size and scope of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

No kidding.

Before the report was done, Walensky had already said as much, trying to reject that her agency should be solely in charge “I actually really think many people have thought this is CDC’s responsibility, to fix public health [and] the pandemic. The CDC alone can’t fix this. Businesses have to help, the government has to help, school systems have to help. This is too big for the CDC alone.”

The problem is that everything was based on their findings, suggestions and edicts, from what happened at your local fast food restaurant to what happened at your hospitals and schools.

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The findings in the review were reported by ABC News but I haven’t been able to find the actual report online anywhere. So even what we’re learning about now isn’t the whole story. It could even be worse than what we’re being told. The media is cherry- picking what they want to tell us. Will we ever get to see the whole thing?

And it’s funny how the people who screwed up the COVID-19 response so badly still have a job – but that’s how the government works. Or doesn’t work actually. No accountability whatsoever. Even when they are caught being derelict in their duties, the individual people don’t take responsibility nor are they shown the door. It’s the “agency” that did wrong, not the people involved. It’s the “process.”

Their total botched response to COVID-19 is still going on today. And have they asked for forgiveness for their mistakes?


Too bad for you that you died during the pandemic.

Too bad for you that you lost your business or your job.

Too bad for you that you couldn’t have a wedding.

Too bad for you that you couldn’t have a funeral for your uncle.

Too bad for you that you couldn’t get into the hospital to have your cancer screening or brain surgery.

Too bad for you that your child couldn’t go to school for more than a year, got depressed and killed himself.

Too bad for you that your elderly mother was abused in the nursing home and the staff was negligent with her care and she died alone because you were not allowed in to watch over her.

The CDC failed because the government fails in most things they do. And does things they’re not supposed to do.

In this case, they had bad ideas, didn’t follow the science and made everything political. It’s that simple.

They were inhumane, spiteful, vengeful, they lied, and they took full advantage of the situation for political reasons. They even got involved in an eviction moratorium. How is that, in any way, any of their business?

The CDC, under Biden, had and continues to have an agenda – like every other department under his watch. And it doesn’t matter to them if that agenda ruins lives and kills people.