Since Biden took over the presidency, our Border Security agents has been relegated to being processing administrators. They rarely have time to go after drug smugglers and sex traffickers and stop the absurd amount of Fentanyl coming into the border.

And with every security feature known to man being dismantled at the southern border, record numbers of illegal aliens are invading the country.

The current plan of the White House is to process them as soon as possible to be able to fly them all over the country to be put in the hands of churches and NGOs to get them going on the path to their new American way of life.

But even that plan is getting overwhelmed with all of the illegal aliens coming into the country.

So now, even more of our Border Patrol agents are having to use their time processing the illegal aliens instead of actually doing their jobs.

According to Breitbart News, in Eagle Pass, Texas, all field operations within the Border Patrol’s Del Rio Sector have been suspended due to overcrowding at processing facilities. They were ordered in a radio broadcast to report to their stations to “address the more than 2,500 migrant detainees awaiting processing…”

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So they headed back to the office to make sure all of Biden’s pals and future democrat voters got processed. And then the illegal aliens were put on Biden buses to parts unknown…

So what does CPB stand for? Supposedly, it’s U.S. Customs and Border Protection. However, we have no border and there is absolutely NO protection going on for the American people.