President Biden has had a tough job lately, working hard for the American people. He had to leave his summer vacation in South Carolina in order to sign the ridiculously named Inflation Reduction Act bill and then he hopped off to another vacation in Delaware.

It’s hard, you know, walking from place to place to get on helicopters and airplanes in order to show up at the beach.

Stressful, tiresome, taxing, burdensome, exhausting…

The Daily Mail reports that President Disaster has been to Delaware 150 days now since being president, going “home” 49 times, having spent more time away from the White House than Trump, Obama and Bush.

It’s clear to see why he is hiding.

Our country is being invaded at the southern border and old Joe doesn’t want to talk about it – or answer any questions about the raid on Trump or the one-year anniversary of his FUBAR in Afghanistan.

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No, he prefers to whiz by the reporters on his bicycle. But with Biden gone, I must admit, it IS kind of nice.

We don’t have to look at his lying’ 200-year-old face or listen to him stumble through a teleprompter speech. I’m sure Susan Rice and Ron Klein, the pair that’s actually running the White House, are enjoying Biden being gone as well. Far less headaches to deal with.

And I’m so happy that Biden has finally realized that building a wall is an important thing.

No, no, not building a wall at the southern border.

He’s getting a huge taxpayer-funded $490K security fence put up around his beach house in Delaware. No illegal aliens welcome there during his vacations.