Many of our Afghan allies are still in fear for their lives in Afghanistan and the Biden- Harris administration doesn’t seem to have much of an urgency to get them out.

Dakota Meyer, Marine veteran of the war in Afghanistan and Medal of Honor recipient, was on Fox News on Sunday and talked about an interpreter he’s in touch with who still can’t get out of the country. This man’s mother-in-law was killed in an effort to try to find him and the rest of his family is in danger.

Meyer said, “we left our allies there which was a botched pullout and the way that we did it is not the way that America does things. We leave with integrity. We lave with power and that’s not the way we left Afghanistan…”

The Biden-Harris administration has resettled 80K Afghan unvetted refugees who were thrown into airplanes during America’s hastily withdrawal and given humanitarian “parole” for two years, leaving behind tens of thousands of actual allies who helped us when we were fighting the war on terror.

With the Taliban in charge, there doesn’t appear to be much hope for these allies unless private American citizens, American veterans or NGOs are able to get them out somehow.

With no embassy in Afghanistan, allies cannot even complete their last steps to be evacuated with a Special Immigrant Visa and it doesn’t appear they are offered any kind of Zoom interview to complete the process according to Army Capt. Jeff Trammell who spoke with NBC News.

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Meanwhile, the Biden-Administration, who is all about spin and not actually governing, is reportedly working on a memo to circulate to defend President Disaster’s decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan.

First of all, it wasn’t his decision, it was Trump’s decision. Second of all, it was Biden’s decision to completely screw the whole thing up. Memo that dude.

Axios reports that Biden’s memo about how great he is in response to a House Foreign Affairs Committee probe that says the Biden-Harris administration left key decisions on how to evacuate civilians from Kabul until the final hours before the city fell to the Taliban.

Unfortunately, instead of using their time to help Afghan allies, the democrats are feverishly meeting with their writers and communications folks and typing on their computer to make sure their PR campaign moves forward at an efficient pace.