During the Obama years, we lived in a new reality where Obama and his PR team were kicking out dozens of horrible things every day that we had to keep up with on his path to transform our country into a socialist cesspool. We had to pick and choose our battles and decide which things were the most important to push back on.

Talk show hosts all over the country, like Steve Gruber, Rush Limbaugh and others kept us aware of Obama’s dastardly plans. They informed us, started conversations about important issues and the Tea Party movement was born, a precursor to America First.

The onslaught of socialist policy ideas and the results from them have only gotten worse under Biden. But under Biden, these policies are affecting our every day lives now whereas with Obama, a lot of his goals and plans were conceptual and planned to happen sometime in the future.

With Biden as the puppet president and Obama and his minions pulling the puppet springs, he’s been able to further his march towards socialism with a complicit Biden- Harris administration.

Instead of doing the work of the country, Biden has made sure that his administration is only focused on climate change and DEI. Every day we see examples of this, as the country swirls in the toilet.

The outcomes of the democrat’s America Last agenda have given us economic turmoil, supply chain problems, labor shortages, crime and lawlessness, a Fentanyl epidemic and the downfall of the greatest country on the planet.

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Every day, we get dozens of (if not more) stories – examples – about how the democrats are making us less safe and less economically secure, while at the same time they work diligently to take away our rights whether it’s freedom of speech, the right to bear arms or anything else that they oppose.

But we aren’t just getting the stories and the news about it anymore. We are not isolated from the America last agenda no matter where we live.

We are living it.

Never before in my lifetime has a presidential administration had so much power and control over my day-to-day life and what I am able to do.

And it’s purposeful. Purposeful and evil so that the democratic party retains their power and control as long as they can.