The National Education Association has to make sure their brainwashed students keep voting democrat so they also have to make sure that they keep hating America. In order to do that, they have to teach them that they are all victims, either due to racism, sexism, homophobia or because of the the Republicans.

It really shouldn’t surprise anyone then that the NEA teachers union is promoting a book about teenagers kneeling for the National Anthem.

Fox News reports that the book “Why We Fly” is an August 2022 reading recommendation for students. The book’s authors say that Colin Kaepernick was a huge inspiration to them.

The book portrays two cheerleaders who kneel during the National Anthem. One excerpt of the book says, “As the first strains of the anthem begin, we all look to Leni, who signals with one pom-pom and then drops until one knee touches the grass. We fall like a line of dominoes, one by one, just as we’d planned… My head is buzzing. It feels good to have my entire team kneeling solidarity beside me.”

It’s all about belonging. It’s all about the democrat cause of hating America and protesting. Do it because everyone else is and your teachers say it’s good too.

This lovely book isn’t just about kneeling though. There is also depictions of drug use and hiding it from parents.

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With friends like this controlling the school systems, who needs enemies?