Democrats, the anti-woman and anti-baby party, only care about other democrats, so it’s not surprising that a smart and accomplished conservative woman who is part of history would be a target of removal by the leftists.

A group of Rhodes College Alums are lobbying the school to remove Justice Amy Coney Barrett from their Hall of Fame. She attended Rhodes College in the early ’90’s and when nominated, Rhodes administration said it was a notable moment for the college’s legacy.

Not surprisingly, this all about abortion as most things are with democrats.

Their petition is from the “Rhodes College Alumni for Reproductive Rights,” and is a group that was formed after Barrett’s nomination in 2020.

The petition says that Coney Barrett’s removal is based on her public breach of their Honor Code in her testimony before the United States Senate during her confirmation hearings. Their code has a set of principles they adhere to including truthfulness, frankness and transparency which they say Coney Barrett fell short of during her testimony when she discussed her position on Roe v Wade.

They claim she lied about her position on legal precedent and said in the petition, “She did testify that she had no agenda for overturning precedent such as Roe or Casey. This statement seems not only disingenuous in retrospect after the Dobbs decision, but at the time it would have been at odds with her scholarly writings. It was, at the very least, misleading.”

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Rhodes College has no statement on the petition since they haven’t received it yet.

Newsflash: It appears that the reproductive group is violating the honor code they are pointing to in trying to ban Justice Coney Barrett from their school. They are hiding their Facebook group from the public. Their Facebook settings are private and you can’t direct message them or view who is in the group.

What’s up with that, honeys? Yes, everyone knows that you are a group of leftist hypocrite women who want to cancel conservative women who don’t agree with your radical pro-abortion agenda.

I think another group at the college should be writing a letter about YOU.