I am sick and tired of the lies coming out of the White House and their stenographers in the leftist media. One of the excuses coming from the liars about why we’re not in a recession is their citing of America being in the middle of a strong labor market.

They are the ones who control (and rig) and numbers so I don’t believe a word that they say.
What I believe is what I see in front of why own eyes. I live in a beautiful tourist area and there is plenty of evidence that the democrats are full of crap. Excrement. Ca-ca. Poo. Manure. Do-do. Dung. Scat.

Sorry for all of the references to feces but that’s what the democrats are full of.

They tell us that the economy and the labor market are strong.


When my local 7-11 closes at 6 pm on a Saturday (IN A TOURIST TOWN!) because of short staffing, the labor market is NOT GOOD.

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When I go to Chilis on a weekend for dinner and there are only about a dozen tables open in the building, the labor market is NOT GOOD.

When I walk up to a popular store I frequent weekly and see a sign on the door that they are no longer open on Mondays or Tuesdays, the labor market is NOT GOOD.

And when you can’t go to a bar or restaurant in Northern Michigan after 4 pm (or even 10 pm), the labor market is NOT GOOD.

I went on the Indeed jobs site and Googled jobs in my county and there were 4722 job openings. That explains why I can’t buy what I want when I need it, why stores have reduced hours and why fast service is a thing of the past.

The labor market is NOT GOOD.

Okay, you say, that’s YOUR town. What about everywhere else?

I Googled three random cities quickly to look at closings of businesses and these are the headlines that I got back…
Austin: “Austin Starbucks on 6th and Congress Closing in August”

Fort Worth: “Hampered by Pandemic Issues, Ben Hogan Company Goes Out of Business for Likely the Last Time.”

Chicago: “Labor Shortages Drives Fierce Competition at Chicago Hotels.”

According to Banking Business website, there are PLENTY of challenges to owning a business these days.

Business owners cited their biggest challenges (in order) in the next 12 to 18 months as the following: increased raw material costs; attracting and retaining a quality workforce; supply chain challenges; transportation and logistic costs; labor costs; need for greater automation; rising health care/insurance costs; and weaker domestic economy and product sales.

They missed their Democrats. They are responsible for most of the things on that list.