A colleague recently met MSNBC’s Joy Reid. He said she was very gracious. That surprised me quite a bit. For as research for this piece I subjected myself to hours of her show The ReidOut and also to hours of The View. Grace is not what I found.

If Reid is gracious in civilian life that is excellent. Though one would hope she would extend that exemplary behavior to her public life. Sadly, that doesn’t seem to be the case. In watching her show, I don’t ever think I’ve seen such racist hogwash in my entire life.

There is no happiness in anything she utters. No joy in Joy. Instead there is a constant refrain of hate and victimhood that seems to have no end. Reid sees everything through the prism of race, much like the KKK does. The only difference is the pigment they prefer. And Reid, like her ilk in the broadcast media, claims to be terrified of Donald Trump.

Just as with Trump, I don’t know how much is shtick or reality. But Reid really lays it on. She seems to think that he personally is standing outside her window and planning her specific destruction. Psychiatrists have names for thoughts like that. Then she ties Trump in with all Republicans and all Republicans in with all white people.

Now being white, Latin variety, with a bit of Indian (feathers) and African thrown in for good measure, outside of the last couple of days at work, I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about Joy Reid. Okay, I spend no time thinking about Joy Reid.

However, Reid is convinced that I, and every other white person on the planet, daily plots her oppression. Well, as fun as that might be, nah. Reid’s obsession with the evil of all whites also neglects to factor in the leadership of her political party, all three (Biden, Schumer, and Pelosi) being quite white. Just a typical example of the force of logic and accuracy behind her pronouncements.

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At any rate, if Joy Reid is a case of definite paranoia and brainless racism, then Joy Behar is Reid raised to the point of a shrieking Marxist Medusa with a bad accent.

Shouldn’t it be against the 8th Amendment to the US Constitution to allow Joy Behar a television appearance at all? What if unsuspecting viewers are driven blind by her visage or barking mad by her inane leftist views expressed with the understated sublime tenor of rabid hyenas wildly gnawing on carrion? Where Reid is a loony racist, Behar does her one better and brings new horizons to man-hating sexism. She is a walking talking recruiting poster for obligatory misogyny.

All in a day’s work for these shrews of the small screen, these video viragos. And they will go on and on into the future, as the supply of crashingly dim people of bad educations and even lower attachments to the truth will never run in short supply under our current political culture.