Got into a political tiff with a leftist pal recently. Yes, I know. Why would I have a leftist pal and why in the world would I talk politics with a self defined irrational lunatic?

Well, I’ve known this woman a long time and she is the wife of another friend I’ve known even longer. She’s a nice person at heart, just really confused and incoherent in that late middle-aged liberal sort of way. Still hates Reagan, that sort of thing.

So I try to avoid talking shop with her, as I try to avoid it at all social occasions, but she inevitably tracks me down and wants to argue. I was bored at this particular soiree so I indulged her. The topic? Gun control.

You can guess what she spewed. That guns are responsible for all the shootings as of late. I asked, following that logic, if cars were responsible for drunk driving? It went on and on for about 10 minutes. Then I became even more bored and tried to end the conversation. That’s when she pulled it out.

After I again said inanimate objects have no will and thus cannot be responsible for anything, she said in response that she was “speaking her own truth.”

As graves from Aristotle to Ayn Rand spun at serious RPMs, I asked her to define what the phrase meant, as truth was objective, not subjective, and thus couldn’t be manipulated into more than one version.

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She robotically repeated her mantra, smiled a beautific smile, and walked away. And there you have it. A new tack from the left. A rejection of logic, reason, and objective logical truth to be substituted with an inversion of truth.

So, if a killer is caught red handed at a murder scene with the weapon in his hand, and there is photographic evidence of the deceased body and the killer standing over the body with the weapon, when the picture is presented at trial defense counsel can, according to my friend, legitimately claim, “Your honor, that is merely the truth of the prosecution. We speak our own truth and thus deny the existence of the said photograph and any other evidence. We therefore move for dismissal, as there is absolutely no evidence linking my client to this murder. If there was a murder at all, as our truth questions the occurrence of any murder at any time during the lifespan of my client.”

Now perhaps I don’t get out enough and this has been a leftist talking point for ages. But it’s the first time I’ve encountered this all-encompassing Get Out of Debate Jail Free Card. You merely claim your own reality and, Viola, all is set right. It is proof of the left’s continued flight from actual truth and reason.