Products are not only hard to find and more expensive than in the past, everything is smaller and you get less of it. There’s a term for it. It’s called shrinkflation. I prefer to call it “Biden is an Idiot.”

My toilet paper has less tissue and the width is smaller. The fried chicken I get at the local grocery store is from midget chickens. And today after doing my laundry, I noticed that I ran out of fabric softener much quicker than I used to. Yes, there is less of it and it’s a smaller piece even though the box is the same size and the price has gone up about fifty cents.

This is life under democratic rule. 

It’s what businesses do to fight inflation. It’s the result of democrat policies where the American suffers while the democrats eat cake.

Energy shortages. gas price increases. less truck drivers, less workers everywhere…all the result of the Biden presidency.

But Biden doesn’t care. He is living high on the hog. And we all know about Nancy Pelosi’s ice cream in her freezer. But hey, they have to have some ice cream to go with their cake.

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So who cares if our Lunchables have a few less crackers and our grocery bill is $40 more each week and gas is twice as much under Biden than it was under Trump?

The democrats sure don’t care. That’s obvious.