It’s bad enough that the government keeps pushing experimental mRNA vaccines on the public, mandating them all over the place. They really have no idea how these mRNA vaccines are going to affect us in the future. 

Even if they’re totally safe, they are also totally useless. They don’t stop the spread of the virus or infection. The best the tyrannical government can say is that they might protect against severe complications and hospitalizations – but how do you prove a hypothetical? Saying something might be better than the alternative is NOT evidence of anything.

When the government started talking about pushing their vaccines on infants, I thought to myself – surely parents won’t jump on THAT bandwagon. Surely, parents will protect their kids from being guinea pigs and letting the government experiment on their children with the vaccines.

It looks like I was right – thank goodness. Only 2% of children aged five and under have gotten the vaccine.

It’s been about two weeks since young kids became eligible for the vaccines and only about 300,000 kids youngsters have gotten them. That’s still too high a number for my liking but at least it looks like parents are using common sense about this whole thing.

Parents seem to be looking at the facts when it comes to vaccinating their children. They have decided that there are not enough serious risks from their kids getting the virus that outweigh the possible effects of an unproven vaccine that’s not really a vaccine.

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Sorry, Pfizer. You won’t be making billions in this latest experiment.